Nwando Care uses the term “live-in” care to apply to arrangements whereby one or more of its care staff will be available to the service user over an agreed period of time as continuous day and/or night care that could extend to being on a 24-hour basis. The exact arrangements, including duration, the length of staffing shifts and times off, are worked out on a situation-by-situation basis. This reflects the care service’s commitment to providing flexible, responsive services tailored to individual needs and circumstances. We aim to maintain your independence freedom in your own comfort and familiar environment to remain safe with the support of our professional care staff.

Our Live-in Care Assistants will assist you as follows:

  • Our preventative care approach will focus on the person’s life history, social and family circumstances, and preferences, as well as their physical and mental health needs and current level of functioning and abilities.
  • We provide our care services in a holistic approach as a personalised preventive intervention which strongly emphasizes personal, social and emotional support, service user and family health awareness, lifestyle behaviour change, medication management, self-management support, nutrition, and physical activity to slow the progression or even reverse an individual’s existing conditions, and prevent new complications and conditions from arising, and reducing hospitalizations.
  • Personal Care Support
  • Domestic Assistance
  • Companionship and Social Support
  • Shopping, trips, visits and errand
  • Home Safety – Keeping Active, Mobile and Falls Prevention

Recovery Live-in Care

Helping the client to get back on her/his feet following a hospital admission or an operation. A Live-in Carer can stay as long as he/she is needed and will be willing to do whatever client needs to help her/him heal and get back to normal.

Respite Live-in Care

For those times when family carers need to have a break and it is so important, they do. Live-in carers are on hand to ensure the families feel confident that their loved one is in safe hands allowing the time to take a break and relax.

Holiday Companionship

All Live-in Carers are more than happy (in fact delighted) to accompanying people on holiday.

Returning Home from a Care Home

For people that have tried a local Residential Care Home but realised it’s not right for them and wish to return home. A Live-in Carer can really help with the transition from one to the other.

Couples’ Live-in Care

Representing excellent value for money as far less expensive than two beds in a care home, one live-in carer is able to support both parents in the comfort of their own home.

Complex Care

Some clients may need more than one live-in carer especially when their needs are such that they require a form of support 24hrs per day. In these cases, we arrange 3 live-in carers who rotate through a 24hr period to help.